The Emotional Intelligence

av Björn Rosendal


"It is tremendously important to realize that we have come to the point of beginning to understand that man's ability to shape his world is much more limited than we thought some decades ago.


We have run into one dead end after another and become more and more confused. We are snared in what we term development and imprisoned by a narrow and limited concept of intelligence.


Modern man, specialized and filled with stereotypes as he is, fails to understand that he could utilize his intelligence in a much more general and multidimensional way than he does.


Although the Renaissance man lacked much of the specialized knowledge we have today, 'l'umo universale', the ideal of that period, was superior to the ideals of human accomplishment today, since it involved man's multidimensional ability.


We now posses huge amounts of knowledge but do not know how to handle them."


"Ice cream

and ballons

for the children


and for the president


push the button


the robot ramp"



Utgiven 1981, Edition Sellem, Lund